Warehouse Automatization

When you expand your business, you have to be ready to solve current tasks, which are focused on the consumer. When e-commerce industry growing fast, new standards are set to fulfill order process. Using smart automatization solutions allows to increase traffic capacity and accuracy, reduce costs. simplify and automate warehouse operations, optimize storage space and finally maximize productivity and profitability.

Mantis offers affordable warehouse automatization solutions with using third-party software and hardware automatization tools which can be integrated with Logistics Vision Suite, provide a wireless, implementation of modules for warehouse operations.

Technologies that are developed and supported by Mantis:

Light Directed Systems

Available for automatic selection and sorting operations in different configurations, such as Pick-to-Light, Pick-to-Cart, Put-to-Wall, Sort-to-Light for.

Voice Directed Systems

Providing voice instructions to enable hands- and eye-free option to maximize accuracy with standard Pick-by-Voice configuration or advanced multi-modal voice directed configuration.Voice instructions are combined with touch screen and provide increase in efficiency.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems – AS/RS

WCS is interim software, that is closely integrated with Logistics Vision Suite. It has different automated material handling systems, such as skid steer loaders, shuttles / carousels, stackers cranes, sorters, cutting machines, etc.

RFID integration.

RFID technology integration is built-in functionality for collection and aggregation of operational information with incoming and outgoing goods on stock. It provides high traffic capacity and error recovery.