Fraunhover IML confirms that Logistics Vision Suite meets the European quality standards

Fraunhover IML confirms that Logistics Vision Suite meets the European quality standards

Mantis Informatics SA submitted the logistics solution Logistics Vision Suite to the research institute Fraunhofer IML (the full name The Fraunhofer institute for Material Flow and Logistics) for evaluation of quality and functionality, according to the results of the analysis the solution was recognized as one of the world biggest WMS platform.

Since 2010 the team of incorporated by the German Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics has been collecting and updating the international WMS database. The careful and thorough verification of the data presented ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information available. Software solutions are evaluated according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system using objective and independent methods and technologies. The Warehouse Management System was included to the database at and received its WMS mark of quality.

All collected and verified information is publicly available, the portal provides its partners with a convenient tool for selecting and comparing WMSs.

The presented WMS Logistics Vision Suite is a complex system of warehouse management, one of the best specialized software developed for highly productive performance. The functionality of LVS ensures significant increase of the storage capacity by increasing staff productivity, efficient use of storage equipment and the storage space.

The main advantage that a company using WMS Logistics Vision Suite shall receive is improved customer service along with reduced costs of storing, processing and distributing of goods.

Mantis Informatics SA is a leading European software developer for logistics. Mantis solutions are distinguished by high flexibility and productivity, meet all international requirements and quality standards. Departments of the company are represented in Europe, Russia, CIS countries, USA, Canada and the Middle East.

Nowadays over 400 companies use WMS Logistics Vision Suite all over the world, among others there are Coca Cola, Henkel, Nestle, Metro C&C, MGL, PepsiCo, Simple, STS-Logistics, SLG, V7 Sklad, Avesta Pharmaceutica, Alvisa group of companies and others.